Under the spotlight ... David Nixon

Monday, December 18 2017

Corporate Finance Manager

Nearly a year now

I grew up in Sunderland but left at 18 to seek my fortune. I’m lucky to have lived in many places including New York, London and Sydney but 16 years later the pull of the North East took me back home. 

Having 2 kids under 6, being a Dad is pretty much my only non-office based activity. When I do have time, I love playing and watching football, hiking in the hills/mountains, skiing and reading obscure books that supply me with random facts to help me defeat my brother (who’s a lawyer) in debates.

The first one would be sentimental. My Grandad Thomas Nixon. He saw action in WW1 at both the Somme and Ypres, serving for the Royal Artillery. After being demobed he emigrated to Australia where he owned a farm near Freemantle for 20 years before returning to the North East. He died when I was a baby so I never got to meet him, he’d certainly have some stories to tell!

The second would be Nicola Tesla, to see if I could extract any of the theories that he took to his grave.

The third would be Keith Moon, to add life to the party.

At the present moment, anywhere that has a high chair and supplies free materials for colouring in!

Keeping up with the Kardashians. Bear with me here. I’m fairly sure my less than glamourous Dad lifestyle would soon put viewers off, ultimately resulting in the cancellation of the show. It would all be part of a genius masterplan to stop my wife from watching it.

This changes on a daily basis. As I’m cold right now, I’ll say Borneo.

I briefly met the Queen back when I was in the Sea Scouts as a mere youth. In more recent times I once had dinner with Roy Hodgson and Arsene Wenger at the LMA awards. Roy Hodgson bought a player based on my advice. True Story.

At the moment, Paw Patrol, My Little Pony and Lego Friends. On the rare occasion I command control of the TV, its Westworld, Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead. Band of Brothers was my all-time favourite.

This will be a three-way tie between Bon Voyage Charlie Brown (I watched this a lot as kid!), Top Gun and Aliens. A true child of the 80’s.

One, a giant Labrador (40kgs) called Louie.

This is impossible to answer, it changes a lot. Today I’m going to say Elephant Stone by the Stone Roses.

My brother and I combined pocket money to buy Bad by Michael Jackson, I seem to recall.

It’s a non-fiction one, Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. It’s an absolute eye opener. Reading it will change your view on pretty much everything you do. Everyone should read it.

“It (life) comes down to a simple choice, really. Get busy living or get busy dying” from the Shawshank Redemption.

If money was no object I’d start my own Private Equity Fund, angel investing in Social Enterprises. If money was an issue, I almost joined the officer training programme for the Royal Navy after graduating, as Captain of a Warship sounds good.

I want to be sensible and say Mandarin, but I’ll go with the gut and say French, to facilitate more efficient ordering at the bar when enjoying apres ski.

South Island New Zealand is a truly spectacular place, from beaches to mountains, it has the lot.

Power Boat Racing was included in the 1908 Olympics. Given my current fitness, this is the only one I’d manage.

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